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Default Re: End of an Era?

dagwood, i don't have a marine, handheld, recreational, or whatever else engine your link is talking about. i have an epa certified bicycle engine.

i can see that your link could pose problems to someone using another engine not specifically designed for a bicycle, but from what i've read, none of that applies to the china doll, nor does it imply any ban on them.

i'm not arguing for the sake of it, just looking for clarity.

and to everyone who hasn't comprehended my previous posts, here is THE REASON:

Nationwide Access LLC, the parent company of Gasbike, is the sole US importer of chinese 2stroke bicycle engines, namely the Grubee Starfire family. they paid for the EPA certifications, at least for 2011.


or they're selling old stock, buying them from other people who're dumping their old stock and quitting, or smuggling them in through Canada (which will stop soon, if it hasn't already, due to other sellers getting busted.)

this means that there's a limited number of engines to be divided amongst the dealers from Gasbike's stock. that's why everyone runs out of stock at the same time. they're all waiting on the next slow boat from china.

it's a simple matter of supply not keeping up with demand. no conspiracy, no big brother epa scandal, nothing but common import/export practices.

if anyone's got an extra 50 grand burning a hole in their pocket, you can pay off the epa and get all the motors you desire.

just don't get the skyhawks. call don grubee and get the starfire factory pumping out the better kits.
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