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Default Re: Don't know, how loud?

Stock and at 3/4 throttle where they are designed to be run, (the WOT guys shall remain nameless. snicker, making fun of my self) are not bad at all. Around 22MPH. All your fellow campers are gonna want to ride her. Is great fun watching folks come back from their first ride grinning from ear to ear.

I have to disagree with pointing a muffler down. It will actually "bounce" the sound (echo) most especially off paved road. Is why first responder's sirens are placed low on vehicles. Can "skip" the sound waves like a stone and will travel better.

motorcycle exhaust - Google Search

Few point directly down like our China girls. Always annoyed me. Is part of the noise of em. I never got around to it but will soon. Buy a sound meter and really test em. One 2 stroke with exhaust tubing at the end and pointed aft. Also, I have always wondered how the 4s are in regard to the 2 smokes. I personally enjoy their sound much more. More of a hum like a lawnmower.

Post lots of pics!
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