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Default Just a few questions...

First off, for those who have been keeping up with my other posts about my little "Red Baron"

... it's been running great the past few days.

However, I noticed some black liquid running down underneath my bike frame. What is this? because the only liquid that goes in my motor is greenish blue.

Also, my motor seems to shut off automatically whenever I pull in the clutch and am not holding the throttle enough to keep it running. The kill switch at this point seems useless.

So, my questions are... what is this black liquid leaking down under my frame and how do I stop the leaking? And.. should I worry that my bike is unable to idle, if so, how do I make it to where it idles on it's own rather than me having to hit the throttle?

Thanks in advance guys! (You guys are a lot of help by the way!)
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