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Default Re: 4 stroke motorized cruiser

Do not buy Firmstrong! They are junk. I know. I made that mistake nine months ago. I have replaced both wheels and tires. The brake gave out so I have installed front and rear brakes. I am buying/building a new bike. Haven't figured out exactly what bike I am buying new or building from scratch but I am going to install the new 4 stroke EZM kit that Heliobikes handles. (see their ad on the side of the web page) Remember, even if you buy new, you are still going to spend dollars upgrading various components, so in the long run you might very well be better off buying a decent used frame. I have spent more hours reading more threads and posts on this web site and the general consensus seems to be if you start out with a decent frame, you can build a decent bike. Remember, there is more torque placed on the frame with one of these engines than you think. I will never buy another frame made in China - end of story.

Good luck and know there are alot of people who frequent this website who know a whole lot about this stuff and are happy to share! Good luck!
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