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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
As some of you may have read the stinger on my Sick Bike Parts expansion chamber has failed and the end cap has broke off and is on the highway somewhere.

The Silver end is the Stinger

This had me looking for a replacement component since the result of the loss of the stinger has been an increase in miles per hour but also the engine has heated up significantly. Heat is a bad thing.

I have taken advice from SteamPunk and purchased a muffler from Tractor Supply. It is a relatively inexpensive item considering the cost of motorized bicycle parts ( about $4 ) and I welded it to the SBP expansion after cutting off the nipple that extended into the "stinger" which is a very cheap and temporary end to a nice and expensive unit. That Stinger fails to be quality.

I expect when it comes time to replace this muffler that i will take time to find a mounting hardware to weld on for it's replacement to screw into and weld that on so I can screw in the muffler rather than weld it to the expansion unit.. But, at this point it was the simple solution.

Google search term " muffler briggs stratton 89966 -444080" is the google search term I used and as we see the price varies from $4 to $14 depending on the retailer.

At this time with less than 5 miles on this muffler I like it very much. In fact it seems to aid my engine with not only quieter operation but more low end power. I have been expecting to have power when I was at about 8 mph with the stinger and without anything but, I found tonight that at 6 mph the engine has power like at 8 mph before adding this muffler.. Interesting thing..
Perhaps this will change as the muffler gets oily.. Who knows..

I can post pictures but it will be of a simple hack.. I will start to plan for a permanent "screw in" mount for this muffler.. So that I can replace as needed.. At $4 I think it can be replaced as often as I see fit..

So another "upgrade" has happened... And it continues.
I bet more than likely you could have shipped your pipe to SBP and they would have fixed it. Atleast thats what a good company should do. If you can prove that it wasnt user error you should be able to get some help from Jim hes good.
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