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Default Revising My Entire Project

A new guy from SoCal here! I've been playing with dirt bikes, mini bikes, go karts, and all sorts of machinery for several decades now, and thought an motorized bicycle would be an interesting new project. Before I embarked on this quest, I read everything I could here and at "that other" board. Then I ordered a generic 66cc HT motor from a vendor who, luckily for me, apparently has no regard for either EPA or CARB.

I dutifully filled out my REG 230 and in just about 2 weeks got my plate back. Yippee!!

Actually I think it was more like 13 days from the time I mailed it. I used "Diamondback" as the make and the frame serial for the VIN, and that worked just fine. I also sent a Postal Money Order instead of a personal check. Maybe that had something to do with the quick turn around.

And then I hit a snag.

I guess I really should have dragged my old Diamondback DB Traverse out of the back yard where it has languished for the past several years and taken a good look at it before filling out the DMV paperwork. It was rough. Not nearly as nice as I remembered when it was "retired" out back. Let's see, tire and tubes are gone, cables are bad, the chain is rusty, the seat is rotted, etc. Even the plastic levers on the thumb shifters were showing signs of deterioration. And, of course, the paint was toast.

So I started tearing it apart and painting the frame, and things were going well until I started adding up the cost of all the replacement parts. It was well over $100, and when I was done I'd still have 10+ year old steel rigid frame bike with low-level Shimano hardware. And that's assuming I can get the original derailleurs working. If I have to replace those I am really hosed!! I think this calls for a trip to Walmart.

Actually, I should say I found this Roadmaster Sequence for $119 on the web site, but not in the stores. But they'll deliver it to my nearest store for free, or FedEx it directly to my house for a mere $5 more, saving me from having to deal with "Walmart people."

So this is going to be the basis of my first motorized bicycle build, not the old Diamondback. It'll be cheaper, lighter, and have suspension! Which considering the size of my tail end will be a welcome relief. Plus it'll look much cooler, which is important.

So I guess I need to fill out another REG 230. Oh, well, I'm still getting off cheaper than fixing up the Diamondback.
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