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Default Re: End of an Era?

This thread seems to address two issues for the most part:

1. The availability of engines and at what prices.
2. The legality of our two strokes in the future.

These engines are going to be available for a long long time. Between various folks stocking up, used ones coming on the market, and the folks figuring out a way to import them and selling them under the radar (which many do now anyway) there will not be a shortage. The price for these will still be dictated by supply / demand.

The legal thing is far more stickier. Like running classic two stroke outboards, or trying to run them in certain parts of California, (and the rest of the country does follow California in these matters sooner or later) all two strokes will eventually be outlawed. Ultimately that means that if a cop sees you on your bike, he could pull you over and probably give you a ticket that will be enough money out of your paycheck you will think twice about riding again. This is where it is ultimately going. The same will hold true for your weed whacker, lawn mower, radio controlled model airplane? We are far from being there, and it will be years before such legislation is enacted but, make no mistake, being a collector of old outboards I see first hand how local communities ban two strokes on their lakes. Granted, the outboard ban are decisions made regionally by local communities. Never mind their reasons or rationales. One could argue all day until you are blue in the face it doesn't matter - two stroke anythings are the enemy in their eyes and as long as taking a position against the running of two stroke engines gets them elected in their local government, that is how they are going to vote. On a much larger scale it will be the state(s) that will enact the ban on two stroke powered bikes and anything else.

In the meantime, we can enjoy our bikes!

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