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Default NuVinci hub and staton drive

I have been setting up a rans stratus long wheel base with a staton drive setup using a honda 35cc.
I am still in the experimental stage and working out what works best, ratios, tweaking mounting etc but I must say early indications are that it'll work very well.
I have had a few problems, one being that the 22t freewheel sprocket on the reduction drive box spun apart. David Staton now spot welds those but mine wasn't done, obviously I bought before they discovered that was a problem.
At that point I was using the 22t to a 36t on the nuvinci hub.
I am now about to change it out to 18t and a 27t on the hub, it's a very similar ratio and a better freewheel sprocket.
My concern is that the way the sprockets are fitted onto the nuvinci. I think the threaded section that fits onto the splined hub is a nuvinci part, David has just added the larger sprocket for the powered drive but the whole assembly isn't firm and tight on the splines as it is only held on by a cir-clip.
I always feel where there is movement there will be wear so I am not sure how that part will go in the long term.
Otherwise all is looking good. I just need to get some miles up to prove it all but early indications are a very sweet smooth drive.

Comments and your experiences appreciated.

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