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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
...., there are many other engines, and i doubt there will be an outright ban ........

BUT, unless someone has hard facts, documents to back it up, instead of heresay and speculation, i don't think we have much to worry about with our little glorified moped motors.

for a look at the documents..try here.:
Nonroad Spark-Ignition Engines 19 Kilowatts and Below, Recreational Engines and Vehicles, and Marine Spark-Ignition Engines -- Evaporative Emission Standards | Emission Standards Reference Guide | US EPA

and THIS is just the page on the fuel line.
For those who are not a quick study..keep in mind, when reading the EPA's regs ..that class 1 non-handheld offroad sparkingnited means less than 225cc's...and class 2 means larger you see by the above chart that the current implementation of the evaporative emmissions (which means fuel vapors NOT exhaust smoke) the the current 2011 regs are demanded of larger than 225cc engines..and begining in 2012, class 1 engines, 225cc and below..will be subject to these same regs.
ALSO keep in mind this has nothing to do with the exhaust is the evaporative basically men...just the smell...thats right...vapors.
Fuel caps...gaskets fuel tanks, fuel lines . fuel valves and all fuel system components are under this scrutiny today on engines above 225ccs and in 3 months all the rest of the smaller engines will be also.
The standards set forth here require that you cannot use a carb with a vented bowl..(yea, try making that work at home)..and to comply we have had to put complete vapor recovery systems on all our engines, complete with carbon cannisters for vapor filtration and a bunch of hoses to ensure either while sitting still, not running, or running at max rpm, no vapors can escape. This has been the most challenging development we have undertaken to comply with EPA regs. The continued increase in the specification each year..(see EPA chart) also means that what we build this year..wont comply with next years regs, and we MUST re-certify every year to maintain compliance. For you non-manufacturing types..this means we have to expense the development into each years production. This is the main reason I have customers deleting products from their lineup, because they dont believe the public will pay the prices that will be needed for them to do this.
As a side note of fact..since I started this thread..I have recieved a copy of a compliance certificate from one of my customers, so we can resume shipping him engines..I got it last week..(3rd week on sept 2011). He began the application process on jan 5th. They already had the machine built to was just the application process he started. took 9 months to get his number for his label..and it expires on dec 31st this year..and needs to be re-applied for begining jan 1st next year, for next years label. see what it cost a manufacturer if they are NOT in compliance wit the PAPER work..

07/28/2011: Caterpillar Inc. to Pay $2.55 Million to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations

to see what it cost if you get caught selling non-compliant engines on the market..

02/28/2011: PowerTrain to Pay $2 Million for Selling Thousands of Engines that Failed to Meet Clean Air Act Standards / Settlement will reduce emissions that cause smog and respiratory issues by more than 4,500 tons

This should get you started and looking up the FACTS....if it interests you. These regulations have nothing to do with 2 stroke or 4 stroke..exhaust gas, but fuel systems on all gas powered engines..

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