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Default Re: Don't know, how loud?

My HS 4-stroke is borderline too loud. Not just the engine noise itself, but the exhaust, too. I'm running a cylindrical Briggs muffler that's made for a large motor tho, it's barely a muffler. The exhaust tone is the same with straightpipe, but the sound doesn't bounce off every building on the street when I run muffler. A GXH50 is a much much quieter engine, but it's exhaust can snarl every bit as much!

Also, it helps to have your exhaust pointing down, preferably at the street. If you want to be a chucklehead and point it up in the air, it's naturally going to be louder to everyone around you.

Loud pipes don't save lives when your neighbors want to shoot you everytime you ride!
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