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Default Re: End of an Era?

there's been rumors and horror stories of a 2 stroke ban in california for decades, but from everything i've read and everyone i've talked to, it only applies to watercraft, and the main reason isn't airborne emmissions, it's water pollutants.

i think the current state of 2 stroke bicycle engines is awful due to the epa restrictions and the appalling quality of the only epa certified factory (Grubee Skyhawk,) with it's CNS carb, but i don't think it's the "end of an era" (which should be called a "flash in the pan" since it's popularity's what, 3 years maybe?)

for one, a well maintained 2 stroke engine can last years, and their are plenty left here, new ones being imported all the time, and many other options available, from harbor frieght to gocarts to pocket bikes, there are many other engines, and i doubt there will be an outright ban and a gun-grabbing type sweep on our bikes, with faceless men in riot gear break down your garage door and whisk your bike off in the middle of the night.

i think the reason for the scare is just hype, and as i explained before, is the only supplier currently legal to import 2 strokes, since they coughed up the 50k to get the epa certs, so they have a monopoly on them for now. everyone that carries the new Grubee engines gets them from them, so supply is limited, and prices go up.

older sellers are dumping their stock, and many of them aren't buying anymore, because they were just in it to make a buck, and/or they don't want to hassle with them anymore.

a lot of you seem to be getting a little too worked up over the draconic powers of the epa, but i suspect you're the same types who go off on FEMA, the ATF, Homeland Security, and every other aspect of governmental meddling that you find oppressive.

and that's fine. don't let the man keep you down.

BUT, unless someone has hard facts, documents to back it up, instead of heresay and speculation, i don't think we have much to worry about with our little glorified moped motors.

besides, the world's gonna end next year december, so what's everyone so worked up about?
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