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Default Re: End of an Era?

thank you. it was my own fault. that i deleted.
i originally wanted to respond to some things that people wrote. then after writing i see that i needed to explain the larger picture. then rereading it i see that some of what i typed, looked like i was arguing a position that person didn't position them self with.
what i write below wasn't all what i wrote before.

there is a problem with the epa. no doubt.
there are problems with the government.
take away corporate influence away & the politic financing & that will make a better government.
what we see as problems were purposefully put in effect by the influences that benefit. either financially &/or to take our confidence or trust of government.
it is all slight of hand.
one thing i know is how to do mental slight of hand.
i was the top debt collector for a fortune 500 bank for 6 years.
THE TOP. over 3000 people. i never ever ever told a lie.
i could tell 100% truth but i could still make a person form a lie in their own head that never came out of my mouth or implied.

look up the fungus that can control ant's brains.
the ant wasn't broken. it was the fungus that control the ant is the problem.
the fungus has it's agenda which differs from the ant's needs.
corporations have a need for profit. we have a need for a clean environment.
The final stage of the parasitic death sentence is the most macabre. In their last hours, infected ants move towards the underside of the leaf they are on and lock their mandibles in a "death grip" around the central vein, immobilising themselves and locking the fungus in position.
The fungus cannot grow high up in the canopy or on the forest floor, but infected ants often die on leaves midway between the two, where the humidity and temperature suit the fungus. Once an ant has died, the fungus sprouts from its head and produces a pod of spores, which are fired at night on to the forest floor, where they can infect other ants.
fungi is hard to kill in any animal because their make up is too close to animals that they infect.
like the fungus corporations are now known as people. so they have more rights as a person.they are not just some what like what they are infecting. they are now legally a person.
corporations don't go to jail or put on death row.
i have been unemployed for over a year & paid more taxes than exxon. so they get all the benefits but not the problem.
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