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Default Re: End of an Era?

It may be the beginning of closing one chapter and starting a new one but I think it is more discriminating than that. I remember the day as a sixth grader going to my school for some weekend activity some 50 years ago and there were three "big kids" probably 16, 17 years old with a 20" bike and a lawnmower engine mounted over the rear wheel. They obviously had just built it and the school afforded alot of space for them to try it out. I remember getting up close to that thing and thinking one day I am going to have one. The bike barely ran and really needed a hill, (which there were plenty of) to get going. I thought that bike was the neatest thing in the world. That afternoon stuck with me, as well as the time when our neighbor behind our alley built a go cart with an old lawn mower engine his dad had laying around the garage. My point here is that it didn't really matter if those engines were two or four stroke. Everyone involved had a blast, no one got hurt and much collective imaginations were at work solving all the issues that come up when you put a motor on top of the rear wheel of a bike and your parents aren't giving you anymore money to "fix" or otherwise buy a part needed!

It would be real bummer if things are so regulated that it will cost a fortune just for basic kits, not to mention all the rest of the stuff needed to have a little fun.
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