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Default Re: First Build-Early Review GEBE

Originally Posted by rustyshackleford View Post

Ok did math on gas needed for my 66 mile round trip. Gas tank holds 23.8 ounces. I get 20 miles out of a tank. 1.19 ounce per mile = 107.56 miles per gallon.
I have a 33 ounce extra tank of fuel. For a total of 55.8 ounces. 1.19 x 66 miles = 78.54 ounces needed. That would leave me 22.74 ounces short. I guess will have to get another fuel bottle. Downside of 2 cycle I can't just stop at gas station.

Comments welcome...
107 MPG from 32 cc engine is pathetic.

I have a BMP friction drive, tried it with 2 engines both were new (unbroken).

Subaru ECO 35 got 160 MPG with 1 inch roller 22 MPH + max speed, it is not broken in yet.

I am 280 lb.

Also tried 52cc HF 2 stroke beast. very powerful and noisy. After about 200 miles on it I was getting 80 MPH with 1.25 inch roller, max speed 33MPH.

I plan to go back to Subaru and put 1.25 inch roller on it, perhaps it will go up to 30MPH which is plenty for me and get better than 160 MPH.
Those Subarus take forever to break in I was told.

You can not beat 4 stoke Subaru or perhaps Honda for its reliability, easy start (first pull), no fuel mixing, quiet and they run forever if you take care of em (change the oil).

I was thinking about getting GEBE on and off for my second bike since I have 2 engines, did not take a plunge yet.

Many including me think GEBE is overpriced, also many experienced veterans on this board will tell you than GEBE ring will rip spokes sooner or later even 12 and 14 gauge wheels. In my case perhaps sooner rather than later due to my weight.

Perhaps I will settle for another friction drive since so far it worked well for me even I am heavy. Coastal Florida where I live has no hills, and when is wet I do not ride.

If I wanted to spend more money I'd look into NuVinci, or perhaps the new multiple speed Statton Jackshaft.

All china girl setups 4G's and similar solutions are junk and not worth to bother with unless you "Love to work on them" spending more time in garage than on the road. LOL

However many people love this stuff, God bless them.
This is America, free choice and "whatever rocks your boat" as my son says.
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