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Default First Motorized Bike

So I'm looking to make myself a motor bicycle but I don't really feel like going the DIY route, so what kits available under $200 are any good? What kind of bike should I mount it on? I own a mountain bike that I would not mind using for the purpose. As well as a smaller one. I will measure the area available inside the frames tommorow. And if I own the bike and buy a kit, how much extra money would I need to get it to go?

I will be using it to commute to work, which is about 2 miles away from my house. On the way there, there is 2 steep downhill parts, and on the way back there is of course 2 steep uphills parts. I weigh 160. Thanks!

How are these: ?
Could they be made to mount behind the seat as the smaller bike doesnt have any room at all inside the frame?

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