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Default Re: New guy - two builds no help

High Brock- WELCOME TO THE FORUM There are lots of experts here that can help with that type of carb. My carb is not the same-it has a vac hole that conects the motor vac hole to work a membrane inside the carb as a pump. When I'm having problems it's usually that's plugged or then it's my gass- air ratio. When I lift the back wheel and rev the motor (not under load) the performance is not the same when I'm ridding it (under load) too lean of a gass air mix will make the motor rev super while it's not under load but results in poor performance under load...this is bscause there is not enough liquid in the cylinder - low compression the more gass liquid, the more compression- the more power to push the bike under load.
My motor drives a bike...not a chain saw blade.
Too rich of a mixture will also give good bottom end but no top end and this is becuase too rich fuel\air results in a lower explosive point- thus weakining the power stroke (down stroke) so there has to be that fine point -not tooo rich and not too lean.
Im just sayin that gass\air might be the problem...maybe.
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