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Default New guy - two builds no help

I saw the kit online at the beginning of the year so I bought it. Found a five hundred dollar Specialized Hardrock for 175 dollars. Put it together overnight with the "detailed" instructions that came with it. Runs like a dream (until I jumped it a few times and my engine mounts bent and studs broke). That's when I found this forum and chose the 1/4 inch plate steel with two U-clamps to mount engine. I have wrecked the bike three times since then and will start up immediately (after kicking handle bars straight and checking for

Anyways...what I'm getting at is that I've not had one problem with NT carb. I finished a second build for a friend on a piece of junk Jeep Renegade, rust and all. New CNS carb sucks. I got it to run but won't get over 20 miles an hour (except for a couple of times it hauled A**). My first bike hits thirty five consistantly. I've read a lot about drilling the main jet and about the float...but do you all think I just need to get an NT?

Thank you... BLR

P.S. I put a spacer (nut) on the cable that goes into the throttle of the carb to hold the outer black cable further away...creating more distance. Otherwise it wouldn't even idle. Runs good and idles now but top end is dead except on some "bizarre" occasions it hauls butt. I wish I just had the NT.
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