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Default Re: New from TX - Box on doorstep today!

Guess what I found!!!

I went to Wal Mart to just bite the bullet and buy a bike, but I just didn't see anything I really liked.
The Cranbrook was about the best one they had in my local store, but I wanted multi-gears. I figured that I could always get a CB as a last resort.

I went to a local bike shop, and all they carry are new bikes, mostly Treks! I'm not paying $2000 and up for a multi-geared bike! They did have one single speed Chinese cruiser for $500, but I didn't like it.

The next stop was the Salvation Army. I found a 26" Schwinn Frontier mountain bike for $39.99! The lady said she just brought it out 2 minutes before I walked in!
It's an older bike, made in Taiwan, but everything on it is Shimano! Woo Hoo!

So, I'll start a new build thread in the Mountain Bike section. I didn't picture myself with a mountain bike. I thought I'd probably get a cruiser or road bike, but I have absolutely no complaints about it. Better for off-road explorations!
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