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Default Re: First MB to cross U.S.

Perhaps it ran on moonshine! :-)

TX is 800 miles across. I think I would be bored out of my mind after a ride from Texarkana to Dallas. Maybe a scenic ride of 100 or even 200mi might be fun, but what was this guy's motivation for crossing the whole country on an MB? Fame? Bets? Boredom of the depression era? Looking for work? Fascinating story though. I am so glad digital cameras are so small now. There are lots of great biking pictures and videos for people who can't travel far.

Even now with Google Maps and Google Earth, I think it would be hard to plan such a trip. Think of all the rough sholders, rough roads, cold nights, tire changes, and more that it would take to get there. It would be a real Iron Butt ride, and probably pretty scary on some freeways and in the mtns. bicyclist filters through traffic in the Holland Tunnel NY)
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