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Smile Re: The Bike Machine

Oh my gosh I'd thought I'd never see another Bike Machine. They were advertised on TV a little around 1979, and I remember making a comment to my dad 'That looks pretty neat.' The ad had a jingle 'It's the super way to give you bike super go power. Oh whoa, get the Bike Machine!' Next thing I know for my 13th birthday that was my present! It was awesome! It had little compartments on top for a bottle for oil for mixing with the gas, and another compartment for tools to tighten up the mounting brackets, adjusting the tire height from the flywheel, and changing the spark plug.

That thing was built like a tank! The friction drive flywheel rested right on top of the rear wheel, and the way I used it ate through a tire about every 4 months. I went through 4 different bikes with it, some 1 speed bikes, then a few 10 speeds. If I would fall or jump ramps or wreck my bike, it would kill the motor usually, but it would just start right up. The vibration of the motor eventually made the rear frame welds break, and I would either have to get them rewelded or replace the bike.

I'd pull up to the gas station, plop 2 quarters on the counter and be done. Don't let anyone fool you, with a new spark plug and a good gas mixture, that thing would do well over 35 mph. A tankful of gas would get you about 90 miles. I lived in Texas at the time, and would make trips from Houston to Galveston on a tankful.

I know about 3 years down the road it just stopped running, and my dad found compatible parts at a lawnmower shop that sold parts for Echo lawn equipment. IF I remember right he had to replace a coil and points I think. Eventually I became care age and the bike sat, and eventually my father gave it to a friend's child. I wish I would have kept it though it was so much fun.

Some specifics I remember about it...

1. When you first ran the motor for the first few tank fulls of gas, you are suppose to mix double 8:1 with the oil as the motor gets broken in.

2. There is a gas cuttoff valve that you should use to run the motor out of gas if you don't plan to use it for more than a few days.

3. There was a plastic spacer which you would put between the tire and the flywheel drive to adjust the system so the right amount of pressure was placed on the tire. I was about 1/4" thick if I remember right.

4. Fill the rear tire about 5 lbs. over rating and maintain that for the spacing and for use. Tires seem to last longer that way.

5. Unit just free spins if the tires are wet. Don't even try.

Wish I had another. Have fun with that!
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