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Thanks KC. I get what your saying about the cranbrook. I wasn't thinking towards selling anything. I have one so I have a pattern and a need. I am an older guy and the thing I learned a long time ago is if you turn a hobby into a job its now work. I've done that with computers and photography. I have a job. And I spend more time being anal about welding than I should. When you get into thin material fitup is critical. It's either good or bad there is no good enough.

I can tell you though that 300 dollar tank is a joke. I can't weld aluminum anyway cause all I have is a dc inverter and you need ac to weld aluminum. I don't and wont have a planishing hammer or english wheel or a hydropress those tools cost megabucks. I will make a steel keg tank only I won't use tank domes I'll cut bonnet heads. I think it would look cool. I've never seen them on anything only flat caps or tank domes.

About that felt. You send me one and I'll send you a tank. I love that bike but I have never seen one up close. Hmm db4 stainless would be awesome. A pain to work with but worth it for that bike. You need to talk to Sportscarpat for a tank like that.
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