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Default Re: My first tank

Spiffy tank! Nice welding work.
I couldn't weld my way out of a paper bag hehehe.

I do however urge you not to make and install a $100 tank for and install on a $85 Huffy Cranbrook bike. I won't name all the reasons but I'm sure you know them.

This topic caught my eye because I to need some alternative gas tanks.
One would be a replacement real tank for a brand new 1903 Felt that has a fake one build on coming up.
Drop me an E if you are interest Jokesonu.

The thing is I already paid for the first of a few custom Under the Seat tanks along the lines of Blow By You's tank.

Hey, if they can get more than the base bike or a whole motor kit costs for a gas tank good for them.
All I know is some of my high end shifter builds on really nice bikes need an Under Seat tank based on a 4x10" 'Keg' type cylinder, but yet easy to gas up.

These two pics don't show the Caddy the first tank is going on, it's my bike because it has a rack to hold the 4" diameter bottle in place.

Yes, that was a brand new bottle of whiskey yesterday, but no longer virgin tonight ;-}

The first prototype tank I have coming is based on this from the same outfit here in Arizona that does tank work for NASA and **** pumping out 100K tanks a year but still do custom work.

Other than the aluminum cylinder all the other stuff is my design for where the gas comes out and goes in, and it was less than $120 delivered.

My only point besides giving you kudo's for your welding job jokeson is there are many more options on a bike to store fuel is all.
If you have the talent pursue it, and you can start with a Felt tank.
Cranbrook buyers aren't going to spring for $120 tank, $600 Felt bike buyers however might. Follow?
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