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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I actually have been up to as much 60 miles an hour on a few occasions. I never do any balancing tire wise my rims and wheels are meticulously straight as a whistle. Something I am very amendment about. I can honestly say I have never noticed any balancing problems. Quite the contrary I think the slime product balances them for me. I would not use it other wise.

Short of having sheet metal for a tire liner I just don't see kevlar helping with the stuff I picked up this summer?

Just like these. It will work just like those bolt on rings they use on semis.
Balancing ring - US Patent 5466049 Description I think anyway. Some tires simply cannot be balanced if they are out of round wheel/tire nutun will help.

I dunno what the so called fix0 flat is about these days? but I remember it growing up it was worthless. We had even tried it on our basket balls. Nothing like catching those when they have landed somewhere wrong lol. I tried just about every thing when I was a kid.

On a better note I played with my carby a little too much . I made a new jet hard to explain. I chucked up a virgin jet I had observing my old main jet. I had a tiny drill bit straight in my drill and gently wobbled my hole in until it was a tad larger where my old jet was before I made it too large. So in a sense the hole in the new modified jet is smaller in the center and larger at the edges. Darnedest thing I think the fuel is atomizing better now! Runs really well!

I am getting ready to start constructing my S6C water kewled Morini full sus bike project soon! I got my parts for it slowly adding up.

I just recently met a guy in the south valley here that has a machine shop too. There is a huge 4 tons in weight I helped him move with a fork lift ''Hydraulic Pipe Bending machine! We will be building a race car there and some stock cars. There is laths and a milling machine there too. Plus better welders than my own!
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