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Default Re: My Mountain turned Krusier...

Originally Posted by JRock21584 View Post
Ok well first off if u can ur goin to want to elevate ur bike.... On a bike wrk stand would be best but ive used a couple of latters and a 2x4 if one isn't available lol...
Then I would just turn the handler bars back and forth to c if there are any stiff spots.... Also check for play as if it weren't tightened enough.. If it is one of thoes things I would take it apart regrease the bearings and make sure that when reassembling make sure its straight in the head set while and during tightning it back down... Also it might be easier if the frame was flipped upside down... Hope this helped a lil
Ok, Thanks for the info. i did regrease the bearings when I installed the springer. The forks rotate super easy. As far as play in the headset, there is none. could it be that the wheel needs to be trued? it does have a little wobble to it.
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