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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Ahh what the heck, I'll chime in on this 'no flat tires' debate too.

I am just not a fan of 'fix it after it's punctured' slime, monkey juice, gorilla sperm, or tiger blood type liquid in a tire.
You balance the tires on your car and that is for the tire, and the speeds I ride I want my tires to NOT cause vibration.

A can of Fix-A-Flat will pump up a tire and seal it long enough to get you to where you can repair it, but like all those other liquids it just isn't something I rely on or want in my tires throwing off the balance, and it's darn messy when you just need a little routine air forever once you have it in.

I won't dispute 'liquid sealants' are dandy stuff, it is just not how I bullet-proof a tire is all.

Front tires are nothing, a good tire and HD tube I get from my local bike shop for a couple bucks more is fine and ya maybe a little Slime is dandy as they are easy to take on and off and fix.

The back wheel on the other hand is a completely different story in my book.
They are a pain in the butt to get on and off for the most part and I want them bullet-proof.

I have said bullet-proof three times now for a reason.
What do you think of with that term? A Kevlar vest? Give yourself a gold star if you did ;-}

There are Kevlar tires out there, a biking buddy bought one for his rear wheel but I found in too hard and it is still something that will wear out and still at an outrageous price.

Kevlar tire liners on the other hand are about $12 and they go between the tube and tire.
They aren't messy, they don't ever wear out, and take it from a desert dweller where every other darn green thing has some nasty thorn or cacti barb just dying to ruin my ride.

My opinion is simple, you can 'Ghost busters' your wheels, or 'Seal Team' them ;-}

Sorry I don't have links or even product names which is sad considering how many I buy from my local bike shop, but you shouldn't have any problem finding them, but when you have it in your hand putting it inside the tire before you mount it with the tube you'll know what I mean.

Again, just my 2 worth, take it or leave it.
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