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Default Re: Starting over! What bike with a 4 stroke?

Originally Posted by showcaller View Post
Okay, I went Chineese cheap on my first bike with a 49 cc engine. The engine runs great, but I don't like the bike. After almost 500 miles, new tires, new wheels, and added brakes it feels like it is going to disintigrate at any moment with me on it at 30 MPH. I want to keep the engine, probably put it on a smaller bike for the **** of it but I want my next main set of wheels to be a four stroke with the Belt drive. I don't care if we are talking Beach Cruiser or Mountain, I am looking for suggestions, something I can pick up for $200.00 or so. Any ideas?
Beach cruiser is the way to go.
A Schwinn Jaguar also called a Landmark from Target or Walmart makes
a good base for a Huasheng or Honda 50. Need to upgrade the wheels though.

But much better to buy a used Felt cruiser to build a 4 stroke.

What 4 stroke motor are you going to use?
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