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Default Re: End of an Era?

Originally Posted by SlickmisterN View Post
Uh yeah,.. I think that's kinda the point. Everything in the world is changing right now. We are amidst the largest shift in the stake for global power since WWII, only this time the U.S. simply doesn't have the infrastructure, manufacturing prowess, or technological advantages we once enjoyed over nearly every other country at the time to compete. We have backslid into a financial service industry pushing around the same money, and that has already collapsed!... the U.S. has practically nothing to offer on the world stage anymore and it's sad. Our culture has become a joke.

P.S. I edited your post for legibility.

AMEN...! to everything you just said in this post SlickmisterN, yep we're just barely propped up right now, I believe if we all knew just how bad things really are, it would scare the daylights out of us, all this didn't happen by accident either and it's a crying shame most everyone in the country is in the dark and likely wont see the lite until it's to late and we are owned.

The EPA is one of the worst things that ever happened in this country, way to much power, they can take away all our rights in a heart beat, person and property, they do it all the time in the name of some drummed up whatever.

They probably will get our 2 strokes before it's all said and done, they will find through "intensive research" that Opti2 mixed at 72:1 or 100:1 is causing serious reproductive harm to very important and beneficial creatures like ticks, fleas, fire ants & misquitos........! LOL!

I could say so much more here but it would just make for more boring reading, so I'll spare everyone that.!

Peace, map
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