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Default Upcoming first build

Ok so here I am saying goodbye to cars for a while and hello to motorbikes. I've kinda decided what I want but I'm still a little apprehensive to press the "order" button 4 or 5 times and watch all my money fly away into this project. What I need is something that is a little higher off the ground than a moped and can get me through the snowy winter in a tried and tested way I call my homemade 26' mountainbike ice tires. I just dont want to pedal and wear out my knees this year. I'm looking for a bike that will get myself 5 miles to work every morning, day, or night that I work though the winter and beyond.

I have decided that I'm going to get a Honda GXH50, a jackshaft kit from sick bike parts .com, and I'm going to attach them to a mountainbike. Either my own or my next one off of craigslist.

Now here's where I hope all of you could lend your advise.
The gearbox, am I stuck with the Grubee stage 3? It makes me a little worried that I can't seem to find it anywhere already attached to a Honda GXH50.

And any other advise is more than welcome. compatability. places to go for a good price. anything. just get me to the "order" button. I think it's this first leap of faith that all that expensive stuff you ordered is going to fit/work that must be the hardest part of the first build.

I'm all ears....and... have plenty of salt on hand too...

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