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Default Hello everyone

Well I'm new here and in need of a little guidance and hope people here can lend me some knowledge and experience. First this seems to be the place to let others to get to know you. so, I'm 26 living in Rockvegas of Taxachusetts, home of the TaxHoles. :P I've just sold two non-working, previously working cars for 1/5th what I paid for them. One of which was a bit epic in it's coolness, but the past is the past, and now, I'm here and a bit fed up with cars. I work in retail ****, really, I work in target where everything is very appropriately RED just everywhere. So I'm done with gas guzzling 4 wheelers and crazy insurance companies. I'm already a biker. I know the difference between a big box mart rip off chinese POS and the miracle deals that can be had second hand on decent bikes. I ride fast, I'm in shape. if you've seen a mysteriously fast guy wearing a grey motorcycle jacket riding a green Trek mountainbike between Rockland and Hanover it was prolly me. I have a good amount of horsepower to lend my next project so it better go fast., enough about me for now, I'm going to post my idea under general discussion.
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