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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yup, the slime is gud stuff!

I'm gonna get the PG and latex and make my own when I get a round tuit.

I'm beginning to carry a few tools, just to save myself some embarassment.
Never did on the motorcycles with very few exceptions... they were MINE, and I knew what was going to give out next. Took plenty chances and it only let me down a few times. china motor is different.

Finally, got mine put back together after taking the clutch apart to check out the bearings. Basically, I greased 'em and re-assembled it. It's a tad quieter now, and operates a bit smoother... Probably mostly because of the new bucking bar I cut from a grade 8 bolt...

Re-jetted my CNS to one size #drill smaller... STILL four-stroking ALL OVER THE PLACE and too slow to even worry abt going to the radar machine to see what it will do. I'm gonna mess with the ignition next. It just won't pick up the revs.

Gotta work on a camera mount...

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