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Default Re: End of an Era?

I think there is a lot of discouragement that has built up the last several years that these have gotten popular-

as discouragement as become of late- it's all very subtle, and those engaged in it are not likely to ever admit it.

I've been saying for some time, after a lifetime around bikes, that there has been a lot of behind the scenes tacit control, and diverting- and probably by oil and automotive concerns- the usual-

When no one can compete with Wal-Mart for cost and distribution, then it's Wal-Mart who decides what type of bicycle will be sold as well- That's why there's such a popular trend to vintage bicycles- after the 70's and 80's they overdid it all and got too exotic, but worse, simply NON-STANDARD.

The botom line I think is always about gasoline sales and keeping transportaion as an expensive, gas guzzling carrot that demands we put in a lot of hours to "deserve"-

It doesn't matter if the landscape has changed and that corpoarte downsizing has got people out of incomes- the thinking remains.

people are tense and feeling pressed- and want to do likewise-

"Then Came Bronson", on a little motorized bike, passing their car expensive sitting in traffic. (If you recall the intro to that '60's show)

Drives 'em crazy- sitting in traffic.

a lot of "Because I'm the Working Mommy, that's why" mentality, in these mean times

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