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Default Re: End of an Era?

Sounds to me like a government agency that has gone rogue and is writing regulations not based on law passed by Congress. They do this until someone challenges them in court.

I fly High Power Rockets. BATFE tried to regulate the composit fuels we use. In spite of all science to the contrary they attempted to force all HP fliers to obtain a Low Explosive User Permit, build and have inspected a magazine or lockable container that meets their approval with Government on-site inspections. Tripoli Rocketry Assn. and National Amature Rocketry took them on and sued them in court. In one of the longest court cases on the Federal docket (over TEN YEARS) after a court order to prove their(ATF's) assertations they produced a 700 page document of Bull S**t "science". Easily torn down and showed to the judge that it was ALL BS. One of the phony tests was to "prove" how fast the Ammonia Perchlorate/HTPB plastic fuel burned. When applied to a sheet of paper the paper burned faster than than AP/HTPB.

Thing is the ATF took on more than they could chew. A dedicated group the rocketeers circled the wagons and started a war chest. We raised over $200,000 as a group to pay for the lawyers to fight the basitches.

Finally we beat them, they no longer hold sway over our activities. ATF was even ordered to pay back most of our lawyers fees.

Problem with the bikes is a lack of an organization to co-ordinate a court case effort. Without one we're doomed to knuckle under to an agency running wild.
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