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Default Re: I'm running E85/Ethanol(when should I expect something to go wrong)

I opened up the carb, and then I noticed that I can't see through the fuel inlet. I poked into it with a drill bit and there seems to be something rubbery in the way. Is something like that supposed to be there? I think it might be dirt, but I don't want to mess with it if it's something that's supposed to be there.

Here's what I'm talking about:

There's something obstructing it, and I'm guessing it's either two things: Dirt(if I put the filter on the wrong way) that's obstructing it, or a piece of rubber that's supposed to be there.

EDIT: It was crud. I think, anyway. I hope it was just crud. I pushed a little harder with the drill bit and out came a bunch of little chunks of rubber black plastic that I think came from my gas can when it got caught in the fuel tank, and at one point I may have put on the fuel filter the wrong way. I'm surprised any fuel got through.

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