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Default Re: I'm running E85/Ethanol(when should I expect something to go wrong)

I replaced the sparkplug with an autolite one with gold and platinum with a tiny tapered tip. Worked just fine when I tried it, but I have the same problem running it with the E85. It starts out and everything, but with any kind of hill it bogs and the engine stops working. I wish I could have stuck with the stock jet and just ran it at half-choke. Worked just fine then and I was able to make my daily route.

I don't believe there's a problem with the fuel delivery. I chucked out the stock petcock and replaced it with a brass barbed spout that came from OSH and fit perfectly into the stock tank, and inbetween it and the tank I got a plastic petcock that actually has a bigger throughput than that stock. I was actually shocked when I took apart the stock petcock; the holes on the inside are smaller than the spout! I also no longer have the in-tank screen, but I still have an inline fuel filter. When I pull out the fuel line, fuel rushes out of it nicely.

Then again, is there a chance that too much fuel is rushing into the carb? When I first got the bike running on E85, I had taken the switch off the stock petcock and covered it with Quik Steel and used the new plastic petcock with it. Maybe I'll try somehow restricting the fuel flow and see what happens. When I have more money, I'll probably switch to a ball valve at some point. The plastic one seems fine for now.

Right now it's too late to be testing my loud motor outside, but I'm going to take apart my carb and make sure I didn't fudge anything up the last time I opened it. If I can't figure out what's wrong by tomorrow, I'll post a video. I don't see why my engine should run worse on E85 with just a 13% larger jet. I was under the impression that the jet had to be 30% larger, but so far that's seemingly untrue.

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