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I have ordered battery cases from China.. You can pay much more at Radio shack for the same thing.

Now my brake light is a modified unit where I gutted the electronics and power the LEDs direct with 3V @ 2xAA

I soldered that battery case (3V) to my line and I have learned that the battery case is okay and the wires are just gauge enough but when I take a look at how the on / off switch is installed then i found the failure point.
Sure a battery case needs wires from the positive and negative for a circuit and a switch is a good idea so that we can switch the power off but on a motorized bicycle it has to be heavy-er duty than Chinese electronic standard.

So forget the switch.. A few hundred miles on a motorized bicycle and it will start to fail so solder the positive to the battery terminal.. It's easy enough.. Just break off the plastic casing and access the wire.

Okay.. My brake light is essential safety equipment for the dark of the morning.
I believe once cars see a brake light they assign greater respect for my mode of transit.

Now how do I deal with those that pass at high speed really really close to a stopping point at a stop sign.. So much that they are changing lanes back to my side and making it half way at the stop sign..
Oh enough to get there first but exactly the kind of thing to place a crash point in front of me doing 30 mph.. Arse-wipes to be blunt.

Oh and BTW hitting ruts @ 30 mph on a hard tail bicycle is not for sissies,

So I have a bright brake light again.. One I can count on and when it comes to safe transit with my pride and skin intact. I go for what is dependable.

I believe this soldering is dependable.

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