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Default Re: Shift Kit, Bike derailleur problem? (Feel like axle dying) HELP

Originally Posted by alienboy366 View Post
O man, thats an amazing idea. WOW. it would help to get the bike started smoother as well hmm. Any idea when this will be available?
I am still playing with designs for the 'cush' sprocket alienboy.
The parts are pretty cheap, $13 for the 3 part coupler ($25 delivered) but that does not have a sprocket on it, and the 'cush' material won't have enough give I don't think.

This all came about because NuVinci won't sell their new Harmony automatic hub to gas bike builders because of the motor pulses so I figured I better find a way to buffer them if I want to try one of these new hubs.

It is a long design process when you are working with 'spare' money which of course is few are far between.
If you want to follow the progress you can read this topic.
KC's Kruisers - Motorized Bike Forum - NuVinci shifter updated?
It's 3 pages long now.
KC's Krusiers Builds
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