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Default Re: Anyone considering buying a Cranbrook Please Read First

Originally Posted by RandyWhite View Post
I'm glad to see that everyone who posted on this topic completely missed the whole point of the post.

I'm sure there are coaster brakes that are worth using.

I'm disc brakes are quite nice.

I'm sure there are better ways to secure coaster brake arms.

However, the point of the post was for people who are considering a Cranbrook, to upgrade away from this bike in part because of the coaster brake.

Can anyone here actually recommend the Cranbrook as a good bike to build on without adding more brakes to it? For the $20 more, get front and rear brakes already there. Spend the money on better pads.
I didn't miss the point of your post and you are quite right. I also didn't miss the elitist attitudes of some people and we are after all talking about toys right? I mean really. It's a hobby and some people go way over the top about it. It's almost like the old honda vs harley cheap *** junk vs Milwaukee iron thing. Do we get to wear 1%er patches or something?? I seriously have more money wrapped up in my camera bag than any bike I've seen on here. Try to keep it clean folks. A my bikes better than your bike p***ing match. What a joke. Get real.
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