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Hi there Clashed. Do you have a welder or a buddy with one? The downtube on your cranbrook is 1 1/2 diameter. That motor mount you need is nothing but a muffler clamp with a piece of z metal on it. Just get a standard muffler clamp 1 1/2 and two small pieces of angle iron and drill the holes for the engine on one and the clamp on the other slide them against each other back to back till you get the height you need and weld them up. Don't kid yourself you are going to need wrenches and a socket set more than a few times. Maybe the sbp mount on the front will be just right if you lower the rear of the engine some. In anycase that carb needs to be close to level as you can make it. Sounds like the float might be stuck or its too out of level to work correctly. If its dumping raw gas into the crankcase your going to blow the seals at least. Take your time and get that motor set before you tear down the street. I have a cranbrook too although all I really wanted was the motor on it. It's going in a 48 schwinn that's waiting for wheels. Then I am feeding the cranny to my chop saw. The brakes suck for anything over about 6 miles an hour. But you got what you got so my upgrades would be a springer fork with the v brake bosses from pirate cycle and better rear wheel. See how this is going? I've added a hundred bucks to an 80 dollar bike. I know the wheel looks heavy duty but that hub is pretty cheap. Just be aware of it. And the 415 china chain is junk also. Get those front brakes set up first. I always said I'd rather have a car not run than one that wouldn't stop. Niagara cycle or bikepartsusa are good bike parts places. Scrap metal yards sometimes around here at least pile up old bikes in one spot. Yard sales and estate sales can be gold mines. I picked up my schwinn for 20 bucks.
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