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Default Re: Power loss, reduced power, wot, high speed power loss

Originally Posted by wizzizer View Post
okay, so i checked my motor mounts and they were tight (i tightened them as much as i could anyway just to be sure) so i guess thats not the problem.

the weird thing is that if i go uphill (one that would normally bog the motor) it starts firing correctly and pulls just fine, but when on flat ground at wot it misfires (i think thats whats happening) and will not clear out and rev.

i'm at a loss. i even tried a bigger mainjet but that didnt help any.
check the factory intake gasket as well. It gets saturated with fuel and oil, it then expands and may interfere with the flow to the cylinder. It also covers half the inlet hole on the jug. I just removed the gasket and used blue sealer.
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