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Default Re: New and here was my bike :(

No, no, I'm not one of those folks... er, no offense to anyone struck with the affliction or related to one... There are those who are good at that sort of thing, but it's not my thing. (And hey, it's only taken me most of 4 decades to learn when to leave things to those that are better at them than I am ).

Last August (pre-motorizing) someone ran a stop sign and took my bike out from under me (hit just behind my leg on the right chainstay of the bike), and then a few months after that my wife got a "door prize" as we call 'em here on here e-bike (written off, she got a broken hand and roughed up a bit by it).. I didn't talk to a lawyer, just took a settlement but she's doing the consult-a-lawyer thing. I should have, now that I realise what I could have gotten out of it instead of the offer the Insurance people made me but as I took it the door is closed now for me to claim anything else.


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