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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
I don't need "slime" because I have a pair of thorn proof tubes and my tires don't go down either (thicker rubber). It took a search to find them but they have worked grate so far.

On my old road bike commuter I had thorn proof tubes and Mr. Tuffy tire liners and I put so many miles on my bike that I had a three inch bald spot on my rear tire before I discovered it.

If you want to debate the SLIME no SLIME again, Lets just agree that we don't agree. and leave it at that.

I agree that ya don't ride in the same environment that I do so do not have my experience. I figured this part out by myself. Also how does a said bicycle shop mechanic/owner not have the fortitude to casually find a thick tube?

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post

I forgot, two days ago I actually found the company that still makes thorn proof tubes. they make them for 26 by 1.85 and the tires I'm running are 26 by 1.5 so I had to make sure that there wasn't much air in them when I installed them. I have about 2 1/2 hours of ride time on them so far in the seem to be holding up quite well.

One other neat thing is that the air doesn't seem to come out these tires overnight. They seem to have just as much air in them this morning as my first pump them up
This simply has no truth to it. There are tons of thick tubes out there. ''heavy duty ones'' You made some coy posts. I quoted you. S0 what. I did not quote your last post and you mad a reply that made no sense. ''Why no sense because I did not quote you? I was refering to the poor gentlemen that had a flat tire Same as youYou wanna debate ''SLIME'' I'll do it till you are measurable with me. I used it for a good 40 years for a reason!! Guess what that reason was?
Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Thorn resistant tube | Shop thorn resistant tube sales & prices at TheFind Avenir Thorn-Resistant Schrader valve MTB tube (26 x 1.75-1.95): Sports & Outdoors
I love the Kenda's
Kenda Thorn Resistant SV Bicycle Tube 26x1.9/2.125 26"

XLC tubes have up to 4.5mm wall thickness at the tread area! So do Kenda.

Kenda Thorn Resistant SV Bicycle Tube 26x1.9/2.125 26"

Kenda Thorn-Resistant Tube.

Size: 26 1.9/2.125 (1.9" to 2-1/8").
Extra Thick 4.3mm Butyl Tube.
Schrader Valve. Same as Car tires.Kenda

PRICE: $8.99
I am riding on my said tube no problemies . Something that exiting is definitely worth sharing!

Two small nails from a yard clean up I did? I think? Two Pyrocantha thorns. Lots of Goathead thorns and a shard of wire. So there. Found this video..
Slime Tube pucture Demo 002.AVI - YouTube

It is a good Idea to carrie tools and a tube. I travel in the city and any kind of break down wut so ever is absolutely unheard of for me for the most part. ''So I never carry any tools'' I don't even own a portable air pump as I never ever needed it...
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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