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Default Re: Need ideas for a new fuel tank......

I was looking at the photo of the engine and one way you could make up a plate would be to get some aluminum angle and cut two pieces. One would go along the front and have a cutout where the plug fits into the cylinder. Drill holes where the gas tank mounts fit. Do the same thing on the other side of the engine (minus the cutout). Make up a little flat plate to join the two sections of angle together. Now you have a secure base for the new tank. Drill holes in the plate to match up with whatever tank you find. A country lawnmower, small engine repair shop will have donors out back to rob parts from. A snowblower or something like that will have a tank of a size you want. If it were mine I'd use one of my leather covered V8 juice can tanks held on to the plate with stainless steel straps going through slots in the mounting plate. I made a super sized one from a coffee can which I've never used, but that baby holds some serious miles of gas. There are threads here on building a juice tank. Finding a used squarish one should be pretty easy and no doubt the price would be right. Good luck to you...
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