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Default Re: Engine Paint

Yes, you can paint it any color. I like the bare finish as if it leaks any nasties, a can of brake clean will make good as new again. If you want it to look like a Honda gold wing engine a nice aluminum color use this.
Dupli-color DSGM347 Medium Gray Metallic. At least that is what I remember when I had a gold wing and used carb cleaner and found out the aluminum parts were painted. I think you can powder coat the engine as well. There is a lot of discussion on what's the best for keeping it cool. Black is what comes to mind but this will open up a can of worms as others will not agree. I'd say do what you like and to heck with what others say its your engine you can treat how you want to. During the world war 2 the Harleys that went into the service were painted all olive drab all of it, engine included. The guy in Mo. who races chain saws, yea they really do. Said he knocks off all the cooling fins on the flywheel so the engine will get good and hot he said it will make it seal better on the rings. But the life of his engines are short and I did say fins on the flywheel and not the cylinder. He also removes any base gasket to bump up compression and advances the timing and does the spark plug mod I showed you all, along with other things to make the saw really rip for a little while.
Well if I had a sand blasting cabinet I'd try blasting all the outside and leaving it at that. more surface area equals better heat dissipation. My opinion only.
Black wrinkle on the cylinder with red wrinkle on the head would look sharp and then polish the case covers and maybe the case but that's too much work for me. My motto, chrome won't get you home but it might get you l88ed. If that is naughty Mod. do your duty. I apologize.
So what color you thinking of?

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