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Default Re: Hot as a cheap pistol

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
As for flat resistant devices, you can get puncture resistant tires, Mr Tuffy tire liners, extra thick puncture resistant innertubes, and you can put Slime in your innertubes.
I know fellas here in the desert that have Slime filled tires on ATV's and swear by it. I don't mind doing that if it is a virtual "sure thing". I have heard of the sturdier tubes with the outside half of an old tube placed in a protective position between the tube and the outside diameter of the tire. This would (in my very inexperienced mind) make for a thicker area for something to have to travel before entering the air filled portion of the tire. If I did that AND did the Slime thing then perhaps I can feel confident that I "should" not have a problem.
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