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Default Re: well i messed up big time

Looks like maybe it's MY turn to help somebody. When you fear that you cannot drill into something straight there is help. There is a tool you can make called a "Tapping Block". This is a flat piece of (usually) steel or block with a bit of thickness (usually 3 times the diameter) of that which it is to guide. A hole is drilled just a hair larger that the diameter of that which it will guide. EG: A 1/2 -20 tap will have a hole .500(one half inch) diameter so as to guide the tap straight into the hole. After about 5 or 6 turns you can come back out, remove the block and go back in knowing that your tap is running true.
This will also work for your drill. You need a person with a drill press that will drill a hole the size you need perpendicular to the bottom of the block. Now with the block to guide you the drill will drill true. At a depth where you feel confident that the drill is running true you can remove the drill, remove the block and continue drilling to the desired depth. I keep a supply of these blocks for drilling and tapping in many sizes. You can use an aluminum block or thick plate but be careful that you don't wobble and "egg" the hole.
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