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Smile upgrades help

Ok so I have about 150 to upgrade my bike, it only ran for about 12 hours max so far. Then one day pop my spark plug flew out and its covered in gas dark black what does that mean? So after that I couldnt get it to run fully. And the carb was pouring out gas. So I was like DAM!! So I tried the next day to run it and now im hearing a loud spark So I thought it was the CDI so I orderd a brand new CDI from gasbike for about 25 dollars shipped it should be here tommorow. So until tommorow I wont know if it was the CDI or not. The bike has been sitting about 5 days and i turned off the fuel and everything. No fuel is coming from carb any more so I think it unflooded itself. But anyways I just orderd an RT carberator from datsdax, and I remembered my motor isnt propperly mounted its squishing the carberator. So I HAVE to order a front mount from SBP I was looking at one for $15 but I need to know the outer diameter of my down tube frame and idk it so Tommorow if my bike gets running im going to have to buy a caliper just to use it once to meausure my dam down frame. UGHHH so much to do! ok so I have about $90 left and I want to get some performance parts, I was looking at getting a expansion chamber but then I tohught I could wait till christmas for $80. So what I want to know is what upgrades should I get low cost but effective. I was looking at a manic mechanic Manic Mechanic Billet Intake Manifold intake. But does it fit? I heard it gives big performance for low cost. so yeah any suggestions on what to get? any comment is appreciated.Oh yeah I have a chinese 2 stroke 80cc . Sorry for long post just very excited to upgrade my happytime!
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