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Default Re: I'm getting stopped a lot lately

i've had people asking me about building bikes.
i had some guy @ a stop light want to buy it on the spot.
i wasn't exactly sure if he was pulling my leg.
he offered 700$ with out even getting out of his car.
i told him i wasn't interested & drove off.
i have over 1k in it.

i also have had people @ the local swap shops ask me to build them.
i would get liability insurance & only sell them locally if the florida laws were more favourable to riders.

i did read somewhere (i would dig it up when i get to that bridge)
that you can build mopeds w/o a vehicle builder licence.(something along those lines)

i think my business model will be focused on my labour & not marking up parts.
so they pay for an engine & parts. i don't do any labour unless they pay me to go over the engine. like retapping & changing all bolts.
every engine would get a complimentary engine dismantle to make sure there are no flashing floating around.
@ that time we can negotiate any internal clean up, porting, or any other mods.
part of my fee would be to mount the engine & shim properly.
so no pulley would be needed.
every bike would get an upgraded chain.
if something breaks that i recommended for them to replace, it doesn't fall on my shoulders.
like if i see they have a weak axle, i can get paid to upgrade their axle or i don't warranty any wheel work.
if the hub is already strong or they pay me to upgrade it, i'll warranty it.
same thing w/the throttle & gas tank.
in fact i would try to steer them from buying the kit & just get the motor & proper parts.
i would not warranty frame breakage on light bikes.
focusing on that they are buying parts @ my cost so i can't warranty them.
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