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Default Re: Need a little help..

Originally Posted by OceanBUcks View Post
I meant switch on the carborator, im workng on a crappy chinese kit, i dont hve any carb cleaner. How do i test the plug?
Remove the spark plug, re-attach the plug wire then hold the plug firmly against the cylinder head. With the clutch engaged, roll the bike forward at a fast walk or spin the pedals with the rear wheel elevated and watch for a spark at the plug's electrodes ( bottom of the plug where the 'L' shaped part is) If no spark then start by checking the wiring connections. The kit supplied plug-in connectors are notorious for making bad contact. We always suggest those connections, blue to blue and black to black, be soldered and not rely on the brass plug in style of splice.
There are no batteries involved. Ignition current is supplied by a voltage generating device called a magneto and that current is increased by the ignition module we call a CDI (small black box that has three wires, blue, black and spark plug wire)

The choke lever on the carburetor should be down for normal running (the Chinese symbols mean open and closed or on and off) but can be moved up to help in starting a cold engine but should be moved down after the engine starts and runs for a few moments.
Let us know what you find. There are other things we can suggest to get you running.
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