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Default Hot as a cheap pistol

My new bike does run nice BUT I had a small problem. When I came back from my little "shakedown" runs it was extremely hot to the touch. I was thinking that the 16:1 wasn't enough gas to cool it since I'm in 90+ degrees. I changed it to 24:1 and it improved it a lot. I then thought that with all this heat there should be more I could do. When on level ground I use the pedals and let the motor stay off. I then also shut the motor off with about 200 or more yards to go before going into my garage so the air could aid in the cooling off process. This also helped a bunch. I am learning the real purpose of this bike. It is a HELPER. If I tried to go all day with only the 48cc working it's tail off it would turn and attack my wallet.
Tom in Kingman AZ
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