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Default Re: Need a little help..

Originally Posted by OceanBUcks View Post
I finished building my motor bike and I was very excited until it failed to start. I held the gas in and when i released the clutch to engage the engine i heard the engine try to start and fail. The gas line line is fine and there is a switch on the clutch with 2 chinese symbols, i have tried both. Also i dont know if the spark plug is working as i havent put any batteries anywhere. All help is APPRECIATED. Thanks
1. What are we working on.
2. If you haven't even tested the plug for fire, why even ask? What has batteries have to do with it?
3. Switch on clutch..????? Beats me.
4. If you spray some carb cleaner in the carb, and try to start, that will help you, if its electrical or something else.
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